Instructor: Brian Saxon

Certifications: Firefighter, Paramedic, AHA CPR and First Aid Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Experience: 9 years Dive Safety officer for the Denver Aquarium, 8 years Beach lifeguard 6 years Firefighter 2 years Paramedic/ Firefighter


Message from Brian

The one good thing about aquarium and zoo dive programs around the nation is thousands and thousands of dive hours are logged each year with very little, if any, incident of injury or death. But, that in its self is also the bad thing, complacency then becomes our worse enemy. The chaces of a dive accident happening at your zoo or aquarium is slim to none, BUT there still is a chance. During my time as a Dive Safety Officer I noticed there wasnt a whole lot of focus on the ability to pull someone out of the water and provide them with basic life support. Instead I got a lot of training on paper work, documentation and creating check lists. Though those things are important, a properly filled out dive plan, in itself, will not save a life. For my aquarium, I created rescue procedures and training programs that combined my knowledge of Para-medicine, lifeguarding, firefighting and the dive world. After training I would conduct rescue scenarios that were as real word as I could make them. This gave staff real world experience and showed them where they were inefficient and also gave them a taste of the fear involved. I want to bring this education to your zoo or aquarium. I want to give your staff the tools and knowledge they need to effectively perform a rescue so that should the outcome be a bad one, your staff can confidently say that they did everything they could have and know that they are telling the truth.