Question: Is this a general rescue training course

Answer: No, rescue procedures will be created for the unique obstacles that your facility has. Equipment may need to be purchased to aid in extrication depending on what needs to be overcome. But, people do not need to be dive certified at all in order to be trained on how to pull a person from the water.


Question: Is this a course that one can earn a certification in?

Answer: No, the training program that will be created will be custom to your facility. One shouldn’t expect to go to another facility and be able to do the same thing.


Question: Where did you get experience teaching people?

Answer: Besides my years of dive instruction and teaching CPR courses I am also a Crossfit instructor and have been since 2009. Teaching comes very naturally to me and I have the ability to change my ways of instruction when I see that someone is not understanding my first approach.


Question: Do you also provide CPR certifications?

Answer: YES, I teach American Heart Association curriculum and can provide Health care provider certifications.


Question: How awesome are you?

Answer: The awesomeest